The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host (January 22-23) the 2nd Israel/EU seminar on combating racism and antisemitism.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host next Tuesday and Wednesday (January 22nd and 23rd) the 2nd Seminar between Israel and the EU on Combating Racism and Antisemitism. This seminar is the outcome of the Action Plan of the ENP (European Neighborhood Program) and is a follow up to last year’s first seminar that took place in Brussels (December 2006).  The EC delegation is led by Mr. Franco Fratini, the Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Justice Freedom and Security, who will open the seminar alongside Mr. Isaac Herzog, the Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism, who is leading the Israeli delegation. 

The seminar will be conducted as a roundtable discussion with a number of presentations from both sides, and will be directed by Mrs. Aviva Raz-Shechter, Director of the Department for Combating Antisemitism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The seminar will focus on educational issues and therefore one day of the seminar will take place in Yad Vashem under the auspices of the International School for Holocaust Studies. High level officials from several European ministries of education will also attend the seminar (for example Ms. Marie Arena, Ministre Presidente du Gouvernement de la Communaute Francaise, Belgium; Mr. Krzysztof Stanowski, Under Secretary of State, Polish Ministry of National Education; Ms. Eva Bartonova, Deputy Minister of Education, Czech Republic; Ms. Gabriella Pasztor, State Secretary, Romanian Ministry of Education and Research).  In addition, the participants will discuss issues of legislation against racism and antisemitism, and ways to deal with hate speech in the media and in the Internet.