Mishloach Manot 

  • The Ministry of Health recommends that in such packages intended for children up to the age of 7, no foodstuffs be included which might cause choking among young children, such as: candy, ball chewing gum, Homen taschen stuffed with nuts, peanuts or almonds.

Paints and makeup

  • It is recommended that users ensure that the Purim makeup bear the Ministry of Health license. Use of product which do not have such licensing approval, and which do not bear the importer/manufacturer identification and a listing of the ingredients, may cause considerable skin and facial damage.
  • It is important to check the children’s sensitivity to special makeup before applying it over wide areas. It is best to first apply a small quantity on the arm. If the skin remains free of reaction after a day, then the chances of an adverse reaction will probably be low.
  • Makeup can occasionally cause skin rashes. such a rash will include skin redness, itchiness, discomfort and local swelling. The reaction may appear shortly after applying the makeup, especially when the applied material directly irritates the skin. Sometimes, a reaction appears only after more prolonged use, and this is mostly an allergic reaction.
  • The allergens in the makeup preparations include fragrance agents, which are intended to give the preparation a pleasant smell, and preservatives.
  • For those prone to acne, it is recommended that they use non-oil-based preparations.
  • For the various kinds of hair dyes, it is recommended that a sensitivity check be done before dying the hair.
  • Repository of licensed cosmetics for sale in Israel.
Buying a costume
  • It is recommended that only costumes which have been approved by the Standards Institution of Israel, and which are legally labeled, be bought: the tag, which must be sewn onto the costume, must include the manufacturer’s and the importer’s details in Hebrew, and there must be cautionary warnings, printed clearly in Hebrew. The following must also appear: “Tested in accordance with Israeli Standard 562. Keep away from fire. Laundering the garment nullifies the fireproofing.”
  • When preparing home-made costumes, avoid using flammable materials like cotton wool, feathers and do not use laces or long strings that might wrap around the throat.
  • Suffocation hazard when purchasing a mask – avoid buying a mask which has long laces or strings which might wrap around the child’s neck; it is recommended that buyers ensure that the eye holes in the mask are sufficiently wide, such that the field of view will not be limited; ensure that the mask is not too tight on the child’s face, such that the child will be able to breath freely; use of masks for dhildren under the age of 8 years is not recommended.
  • It is a well-known fact that during the Purim festival there is an increase in the number of arrivals at hospital emergency rooms with burns caused by detonators, firecrackers and fireworks, compared with the rest of the year. The Ministry of Health recommends that parents prevent their children from playing with dangerous toys.
  • A toy which is approved for marketing and sale is required to bear the legally mandated clearly printed markings of cautionary notes in Hebrew: importer name, manufacturer mane, clear address, instructions for use and age limits.
  • Avoid firing fire caps and similar items near the ears and the eyes – this may cause irreversible damage. Furthermore, avoid carrying caps in pockets; use only their original packaging or take them in a bag.
  • It is recommended to completely avoid using detonators of any kind.
The Ministry of Health wishes you a happy Purim!