MK Meir Sheetrit will represent the Knesset at a special event marking Holocaust Remembrance Day that will be held today (Tuesday) at the Landtag – the unicameral legislature of the state of Bavaria in Germany.

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, was the home of the Nazi movement.

Sheetrit accepted an invitation by Landtag President Barbara Stamm to address the Bavarian legislature. Stamm recently visited Israel.

Later in the day, MK Sheetrit is scheduled to take part in a memorial ceremony in Stuttgart. During the event, he will lay a wreath at the foot of a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust and meet with senior officials from the local government.

On Wednesday Sheetrit will attend ”Israel Day” at the Bavarian parliament. Along with Stamm, he will be part of a panel that will discuss the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany.