Members of the Knesset Finance Committee criticized on Tuesday Finance Minister Yair Lapid`s tax policy, this following his decision to cancel the plan to raise the income tax on January 1, 2014.

The MKs said tax-related bills introduced by the Treasury should not be advanced due to what they referred to as Lapid`s ”inconsistency.”

The committee members also expressed outrage over reports that the finance minister`s office has been pressuring the Tax Authority not to obligate private individuals and companies that have a yearly business cycle of NIS 1.5 million and over to report their profits online. The initiative is aimed at curtailing tax evasion by combatting undeclared capital.

”It appears as though the finance minister is changing policy directions according to the public`s mood and according to his personal public relations considerations,” said MK Yakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism). ”He is laughing at the Knesset and we mustn`t cooperate.”

MK Eliezer Stern (Hatenua) said: ”It cannot be that only a week ago they said we must fight undeclared capital and now they are taking several steps back.”