This week, Israel is marking Breastfeeding Encouragement Week 2013. World Breastfeeding Week will be in August.
Between the years 2009-2010, an Infant Health and Nutrition Survey was conducted, with the aim of collecting data about the health and nutrition of babies, by means that included assessment of levels of breastfeeding, duration and mode of breastfeeding.
The survey reveals that the vast majority of new mothers intend to breastfeed after giving birth: 88.4% of Jewesses replied that they will do so, while for Arab mothers, this figure was 97.7%.
At the end of one year after childbirth, 88.2% of mothers replied that they will also breastfeed next time, and 93.8% also said that they will recommend others to breastfeed (attached is a presentation on the topic (in Hebrew)).
Activities Promoted by the Ministry of Health to Promote Breastfeeding in Israel 
  • Transforming the Tipat Halav mother and infant care centers into centers that encourage breastfeeding- training of staff in a structured and uniform program and the establishment of breastfeeding corners in the Tipat Halav centers located throughout Israel.
  • Conducting prenatal Preparation for Breastfeeding Courses for women and their families at Tipat Halav centers located throughout Israel.
  • The training of registered nurses as Israeli breastfeeding consultants has commenced (procedure parallel to the International Lactation Consultant Organization). The aim is to have, at the end of the process, at least one registered nurse who will serve as a lactation consultant at each Tipat Halav center.
    As part of the Ministry’s activity, the Breastfeeding Encouragement Committee in the Public Health Services in 2013 has promoted a competition for creating material that transforms breastfeeding into the social norm. Academic colleges for advertising and marketing participated in the competition.
    The ten top places were won by entries submitted by students from the “Tiltan College of Design”, Haifa, and the “Ariel Design and Technology Center”. These entries will serve the Ministry of Health for advertising and for increasing awareness of the promotion of breastfeeding in Israel. 
  • Attached is a Breastfeeding Encouragement Video, the winning entry in the competition, creating by students from the “Tiltan College of Design”, Haifa.