Order of the Day-Remembrance Day 1997

Order of the Day Issued by
The Chief of the IDF General Staff
On the Occasion ofRemembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars

5757 – 1997

Officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces,

On this Day of Remembrance, the people of Israel and their army, the officers and enlisted personnel of the Israel Defense Forces, pay tribute to the memory of the fallen. The graves of our fallen comrades stretch before us in long rows: Israel’s best sons and daughters, who have been taken from us in the course of wars, operations, in training and in accidents, who have lost their lives in the long war for Israel’s existence.

Their absence is felt by the entire nation. The bereaved families suffer the agonizing pain of their loss every day. We in the Israel Defense Forces feel the absence of each and every one of our fallen soldiers during routine activity and in combat. The wounds caused by their loss have not healed. They only become deeper with every additional soldier who falls in this struggle to maintain Israel’s independence and security. This year, again, to our greatest sorrow, the roll of the fallen has lengthened. The open wound in the hearts of us all has deepened. The empty spaces in our ranks have grown in number.

The strength of our people, the fortitude of our nation, and the valor of our army lie in our ability to understand the road on which we are embarked; they rest upon our strength and courage to bear the pain, upon our vigilance to act correctly, and upon our integrity.

The Israel Defense Forces remembers its fallen comrades in arms today, every day, and in all of its actions. The Israel Defense Forces bears its pain and grief with dignity and pride. It pledges to strive for excellence, to operate correctly and with integrity. It is in this manner that we shall assure that the loss of so many of our comrades has not been in vain. It is in this way that we may strengthen and comfort the hearts of the bereaved families who suffer the pain of their loss. So let us improve ourselves, be faithful to our course and our heritage, be bold and diligent in training and routine security, and in combat.

On this memorial day, we wish to comfort and strengthen the bereaved families and to embrace them with warmth and love. The IDF salutes the memory of its fallen soldiers and stands firmly at attention, in pain and in reverent silence. May their memories be blessed.

Lieutenant General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak
Chief of the IDF General Staff

Number of soldiers and security personnel who have fallen since the War of Independence 18,538
Total number fallen (including the pre-State period) 20,127
Number of disabled soldiers 74,187