Order of the Day-Remembrance Day 1998

Order of the Day Issued by
The Chief of the IDF General Staff
On the Occasion ofRemembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel’s Wars

5758 – 1998

Officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces,

Israel and the IDF celebrate this year the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel. On this Memorial Day we remember the heavy price paid for our independence, for the right to live in our nation, in peace and security.

As each year, this day brings us to the military cemeteries throughout the country, to the gravestones beneath which lie our soldiers, our comrades who have fallen in the course of wars, operations, ongoing security activities, in terror attacks, in training, and in accidents. Our fight for survival extracted from us an extremely high price, a price whose full weight is felt every day, every hour, every minute by the bereaved families, Those who have lost their most priceless possession – their sons and daughters who shall never grow old, who, with their deaths have left behind unfulfilled hopes and dreams, and have left only a void and pain which permits no consolation.

The Israel Defense Forces, pay tribute to the memory of the fallen, those who have lost their lives while fighting for Israel’s existence. Each of these fallen leaves a gap within our ranks. Our army is strong and is ready for any task; it is well trained and well-educated, courageous and united. However, the loss of the fallen can be felt in all areas: in all aspects of Israeli society.

Israeli society has experienced fifty years of blossoming and prosperity, of progress and development, of immigration and absorption. This extraordinary accomplishment was achieved by flesh and blood, by those who are still with as, and by those who are no longer amongst us. They are the ones who have created this miracle. If those who have fallen were still within our ranks, Israeli society would be yet stronger, better and fuller. They have made the supreme sacrifice, their families have paid the price and their absence is felt by our entire Nation. The Israel Defense Forces will continue to march forward along the path blazed by its fallen soldiers, loyal to its objective , devoted to its goal and true to the righteousness and justness of its cause.

The Israel Defense Forces salutes the memory of its fallen soldiers; bows its head before their names in reverence and respect, embraces and comforts the bereaved families seeking to give them strength. We in the IDF pledge to keep their memory alive and march along the path blazed by their loved ones.

May their memories blessed.

Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, Lt. Gen.
Chief of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff

Number of soldiers and security personnel who have fallen since the War of Independence 18,748
Total number fallen (including the pre-State period) 20,337
Number of disabled soldiers 77,126