Denial of the Jewish people’s historical connection to the Land of Israel comes from the highest, most official sources in the Palestinian Authority. Depiction of Jews as corrupt and immoral provides additional justification for denying them the right to a state.

 Palestinian delegitimization of Israel


PA depicts a world without Israel (PMW)

Below are sources from the Palestinian Media Watch website dealing with Palestinian delegitimization of Israel . This process of delegitimization is ongoing and can be found in statements by senior PA officials, school books and other educational material approved by the Palestinian educational authorities, and in children’s programs on Palestinian television.

Tower of David Museum fires guide after PMW report
25 Jan 2010 

Arab employees of Israeli institutions misuse their positions to slander Israel
4 Jan 2010

The unique nature of Palestinian antisemitism
Jerusalem Post op-ed 16 Dec 2009

Jews have no history in the Land of Israel
3 Nov 2009

PA’s world without Israel – denying Israel’s right to exist

PAs world without Israel: Israel replaced by Palestine (education)

Jewish history rewritten

Jewish history rewritten – Jerusalem’s Jewish history and the Temple denied 

Palestinian history fabricated

Demonization of Israel

Palestinian TV quizzes teach children that there is no Israel

PA academic: No Jewish connection to Western Wall