Speaking during Wednesday`s special plenary session to honor the memory of the Revisionist Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the nuclear agreement reached in Vienna between the world powers and Iran. ”We are not bound by this agreement and we will continue to oppose it,” he said. ”This agreement is bad on all counts. Whoever says that the deal needs to be evaluated in the future needs to take into account the fact that it will be examined in the immediate future.”

”When we read the agreement, the picture becomes even bleaker because we discover more absurd things in it,” the premier told the plenum. ”For instance, the agreement gives Iran 24 days before there is any supervision. This is like giving a crime organization which produces drugs a 24-hour warning before an inspection. In addition, the system for putting the sanctions back in place is so tangled and complex that you need a doctorate to understand it.”

The PM criticized the Western powers for their ”willingness to accept tyrannical regimes”, adding that ”not everyone has internalized the lessons of history. Today the world powers are also falling for the trap of smiles. I am not saying that we are in 1938, for two reasons: because back then, there was no precedent. Now there is, and then we didn`t have a country. Now we do, and its job is to continue to act against the things that endanger it”.

In his speech, Netanyahu said Israel ”brought the Iranian issue to the attention of world public opinion. If it wasn’t for us, there would not have been a discussion about it.”

”If it weren’t for Israel’s efforts, Iran would’ve gained possession of a nuclear weapon a long time ago,” the prime minister said.

Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said Iran was deceiving the West and ”openly declaring its intentions to advance its murderous plans, also against those it negotiates with, and therefore this is a dangerous illusion, not only for Israel but also for world peace.”

”Ten years ago many people warned that the expulsion from Gush Katif would not bring quiet, but rather rockets on Israel. And they were right! Today we must warn that the agreement signed yesterday with Iran will not bring quiet, but rockets on Israel,” he told the plenum.

”Israel, of course, cannot accept this. What happened yesterday was the actual collapse of our `iron wall` in the face of fundamentalist evil. This agreement is the beginning of the collapse of the Western wall of resistance against the murderous takeover of radical Islam.”

”Beginning now, Israel, which stands at the forefront of the fight against evil, has a moral obligation to do everything, but everything, in order to prevent a nuclear Iran. And yes, all options are open and legitimate,” Speaker Edelstein declared.

Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Camp) said ”the issue of our national security is, to my regret, still a focal point in our lives, and the deal that was signed in Vienna yesterday between the world powers and Iran further accentuates this. We must not misread the intentions of the forces of evil and terror to act against our very existence, our citizens and our cities.”

Herzog said the ”bad” agreement ”endangers the security interests [of Israel] and the region,” adding ”despite the differences of opinion and the scores that still have to be settled regarding the prime minister`s conduct and decisions, we must deal with the consequences of the agreement as a national security challenge that is shared by us all.”

The opposition leader said Israel must launch ”an inspiring diplomatic initiative.”