The Knesset Plenum gave preliminary approval to the Bill for the Prevention of Smoking in Public Places and the Exposure to Smoke (amendment – prohibiting smoking at athletics fields), 2013 by MK Adi Koll (Yesh Atid) and other MKs. Minister of Health, Yael German, said that she will also propose government legislation on the subject.

According to the bill, smoking will be forbidden at athletics fields.

In the explanation for the bill, it is written, ”The goal of this bill is to prevent suffering experienced by spectators at athletics fields. The current legislation for the prevention of smoking in public places does not forbid smoking at athletics fields despite the fact that it causes great suffering to those on and around the field. Therefore, it is suggested to forbid smoking in these places in order to prevent second hand smoke, which hurts the health of those found in these places.”

48 MKs supported the preliminary reading no one objected and one abstained. The bill will be transferred to the Labor, Welfare and Health Committee to prepare it for its first reading.