Message from President Ezer Weizman to the Jewish Communities Abroad on the Occasion of Israel’s 49th Independence Day

5757 – 1997

This Independence Day marks the beginning of the 50th anniversary of our being a free and sovereign nation in our own land. The re-establishment of the Jewish state in its homeland is a success story unparalleled in the annals of history. Israel at the end of its first jubilee is a country which looks ahead in hope. In various fields of human creation we are among the world’s best.

This bright side of our lives encourages us and must be remembered when we come face to face with sorrow and bereavement, the results of extremist elements. The road to peace is not an easy one. It is full of dangers and obstacles, but we are determined to continue along it, in the knowledge that it will lead to a better and more secure future for our children and grandchildren.

The stronger we are and the greater the number of our inhabitants, the easier it will be to achieve our aims. I, once again, call upon you, our brothers and sisters, in the diaspora to send your children here to breathe the atmosphere of a free nation and to contribute of their knowledge and expertise. Together we will make Israel more and more attractive to all Jews and create the largest Jewish center. Together we will be able to advance even further Israel’s scientific and cultural development and deepen our understanding of our ancient Jewish culture.

Hag Sameach u-le-Shana ha-Ba’a be-Yerushalayim!