Prime Minister Netanyahu said: ”The new regimes are dependent on a raging crowd which has been showered with anti-Semitic propaganda over the years, if religious fanaticism will not curb itself it is with great doubt that the hope of Arab Spring will materialize. The changes to the Arab world open a door for powerful countries in the Middle East to spread their influence, one of these powers is Iran, continues in its efforts to arm itself with nuclear weapons and presents a direct threat to us”

Netanyahu also said that the State`s Security Policy cannot lean on defensive action alone, it must also base its defense on an offense as well. Two basic rules guide us ”Kill or be killed” and ”He who hurts us – his life in his own hands”.

Netanyahu noted that there is a plan to deploy more layers of defense in addition to ”Iron Dome” and that active measures must be taken.

Netanyahu called on the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority and said ”I am not strict when it comes to peace, I am strict when it comes to the safety of Israel and its citizens” and also ”We will not rest while unilateral actions are being taken against us which is a clear breach of the commitment made to conduct direct negotiations”

Netanyahu mentioned Turkey in his address and said ”We have seen that even when we have different opinions we help each other when disaster occurs” and expressed hope that ”May we find the road to rebuilding the relationship between our two countries”

Netanyahu mentioned the social protests and said ”It is our intention to bring a list of decisions to the Knesset to ease the citizen`s burden of education and housing” he added, ”The system of a free market has not gone bankrupt” and ”The biggest revolution we are working on is in the education field”.

Netanyahu mentioned the release of Gilad Shalit and Ilan Grapel as moments of unity ”that will prove themselves in future in trying times” and promised to keep working on the release of Uda Tarrabin and Jonathan Pollard.

During Netanyahu`s speech MKs Yoel Hasson, Shlomo Mula and Ronit Tirosh were removed from the plenum.