”Neither side is going to disappear, and we will be able to live here only in coexistence. This is why when we witness phenomena such as ISIS` recruitment of Israeli Arabs, it should be a red light for elected officials,” Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan (Likud) said Monday during a meeting of the Knesset`s Internal Affairs Committee on the personal security situation in Jerusalem.

”Arab MKs are presenting things in an extreme and falsified manner,” he added.

The minister said funerals of terrorists are used as a source of incitement. ”I requested that terrorists be buried in distant locations and that inciting elements be prohibited from approaching [the funerals]. We have also brought back the demolition of homes,” he told the committee. ”No place is protected from the entrance of security forces and the demolition of homes. For many years governments did not display signs of sovereignty in places such as Shuafat. It will not end only with police enforcement; we must exercise our sovereignty in all fields.”

Committee chairman David Amsalem (Likud) accused Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in Israel`s northern branch, of planting fake tombstones in Jerusalem`s Mamilla neighborhood. ”He incites. The Arab MKs know which is the violent side and who incites. Some of them operate according to political considerations. Thirteen-year-old kids are incited and think it`s a kind of game. I expect and ask that the Arab leadership look for a way to lower the flames towards coexistence, as an end to a conflict that must be resolved,” he said.

Amsalem said he would convene the Subcommittee for Internal Security to hear from police representatives what actions were being taken to decrease the violence.

”Parents are afraid to let their children go outdoors. We must also boost security in Arab communities. Violence is violence, regardless of why it is employed,” he said.

Deputy Police Commissioner Bentzi Sau informed the committee that security in Jerusalem has been reinforced with Border Police units and numerous reconnaissance units such as Yasam. He said the main objective was to reduce the number of casualties from stone throwing, also among rioters.

”The Shin Bet (General Security Service) is currently operating from within the Jerusalem District Police,” Sau noted. ”When there is quality intelligence, you know how to conduct arrests without the use of force… We do not want to reach the point of collective punishment or restrict the freedom of movement of east Jerusalem`s Arabs.” The rules of engagement, he added, have not changed.