​On October 10, 2012, the Afula District Health Office received a report about a dairy farm cow that had been infected and had tested positive for rabies on Kibbutz Yizreel in the Gilboa region.   The Ministry of Health requests that anyone who came into contact with the animal in the past two weeks, or anyone whose animals came into contact in the incident vicinity with the infected animal or with any other roaming animal, contact the Health Office in Afula at Tel: 04-6099050, 04-6099000, or the Health Office near their place of residence. After work hours and on weekends, go to a hospital Emergency Room.   The Ministry of Health requests that the information about this incident be relayed to hikers and to those holidaying in the Gilboa region and in neighboring locations.   Parents of children are requested to check with their children whether they came into contact with suspect animals and if so, to contact the Health Office.
The Ministry of Health reminds you again that if someone is bitten or scratched by an animal, wash the area immediately with streaming water and soap, disinfect the area with disinfectants, and go to the Health Office and check whether preventive treatment against rabies is necessary.