The Ministry of Health Informs the public of the recall of the product "Moroccan Instant Durum Wheat Couscous" ​Following a complaint from the Israel Celiac Association to the Ministry of Health, concerning the marking of the product as being "Gluten free, the national food service in the Ministry of Health examined the complaint and, following the investigation, ordered an immediate recall of the following product from the retail outlets: "Moroccan Instant Durum Wheat Couscous".
In a variety of packages, including 1 kg and 5 kg, for all production batches/lots and of all manufacture dates, manufactured by Kania Group, Morocco, and imported by the "Morocco Delicacies Import and Marketing" importer. This, due to the labeling of the product as being "Gluten Free", while the product itself contains wheat gluten.
Celiac patients and other gluten-sensitive individuals who purchased the product are urged not to use it.