Knesset Member Michal Rozin: ”The committee will promote a bill that will start a public national corporation which will employ caregivers.”

The special committee for Examining the Problem of Foreigner Workers will promote a bill for a reform in employing caregivers. According to the bill, a public national corporation will be started which will work for non-profitable goals and will employ the caregivers.

The committee gathered today to discuss the proposal of the public and social organizations to establish a public national body that will stop the employer-employee relations between the caregivers – the foreign workers and the caretakers and the human resources companies. The corporation will detect the workers at their origin countries prepare them for the job, match them to the client, employ them in Israel and arrange their employment conditions and their salary.

The relationship today between caregivers and caretakers is one of an employee and employer. The caretaker is the direct employer of the caregiver and therefore has all the duties of an employer. The caretaker, usually old and sick, has to ensure the payment rights of the caregiver, ensure social conditions, specifying vacations being absence, putting money aside for pension and more. This arrangement creates many cases where the caregiver`s rights are appropriately taken care of. In addition, when there is no third party involved, there is no one to arrange a substitute caregiver when the regular one is absent. This situation is not good for both caregivers and caretakers.

In a discussion at the committee today, many complaints were heard about the bureaucratic and administrative difficulties included in direct employment of the caregivers by the caretakers. The committee hosted handicapped, elderly, and patients, who told everyone about their distress and the difficulties they`ve been having finding and employing a caregiver and finding a replacement in cases when the caregiver runs off to an easier and more profitable working place, leaving them at the mercy of agents supposed to approve a replacing caregiver for them.

Chair of Committee, Knesset Member Michal Rozen has called for the government to supply the disabled with solutions. ”The solutions given today and the way they are handled are direct causes of the bad condition of the disabled and elderly.” Rozin encouraged the volunteering of the representatives of different governmental offices, including the representative of the Ministry of Finance, to promote her suggestion of a reform – a reform that will disconnect the employer-employee relations between caretakers and caregivers. Rozin called for the Minister of Finance to take out of the Law of Arrangements the law that talks about employing caregivers, because according to her, it would worsen the problem of the disabled and the elderly.

The representative of the Authority of Population and Immigration, Mr. Moshe Nakash said that his office is examining the option of establishing districts for the employment of foreign workers and restricting the move of workers from one district to another in order to prevent the caregiver leaving a client to go to a workplace that is better for him/her.