We call on the United Nations to lock its doors to Ahmadinejad – with a sign saying you have no place here among free nations.

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Dear Friends,

Behind us is the United Nations, a building founded on the promise of never again.

And today, we call on the United Nations to live up to that promise. We call on the UN to lock its doors to Ahmadinejad – with a sign saying you have no place here among free nations. Abandon your hatred, your incitement, your terror and your nuclear weapons ambitions and only then you can enter.

Until then – Get out and stay out!

Dear Friends,

I would like to thank you all for coming. I know that some of you wanted to be at the protest at Columbia University where this man has been given a podium to speak. And you know what – I think Ahmadinejad should go to university – not to lecture but to learn.

This man has a great deal to learn about history – especially about the Holocaust and the allied victory! He needs to learn about democracy, and its true values. And he needs to be reminded where those who have advanced his kind of hateful ideology have ended up.
My Friends,

Make no mistake. Iran is not only a threat to Israel, and not only a threat to its neighbors but a threat to the entire world.

And today we ask – where is the world? Where are its values? Why does it hesitate? While Iran casts its dark shadow of terror across the globe. While its President mocks the Holocaust and markets hate.

We are here to tell the world – to demand from the world – to wake up before it is too late!! We are here to demand that Iran’s terrorist allies – Hamas and Hizbullah – release our sons Eldad Regev, Udi Goldwasser and Gilad Shalit – and release them now!

We are here to protect democracy – true democracy – from those who abuse it to advance tyranny and terror. And we are here – united – to stand for the Jewish State, my homeland, Israel – a proud and vibrant democracy – whose rights cannot denied and whose will cannot be broken.

My Friends,

This is not a rally of fear – it is a rally of determination. It is a rally of those who believe in peace and co-existence. But it is also a rally of those who expect the United Nations, and the states of the World, to live up to their promise.

To say enough is enough!
To defend their values!
To end their hypocrisy!

We will not rest and we will not be silent until they do. We will stand strong, together and united, against this evil. And we will prevail.