​Following a Ministry of Health announcement from last Thursday concerning suspicions of counterfeit Durex condoms, we have been receiving further contacts from other parts of the country (the north, Jerusalem, the center), in which another kind of condoms have been found, which are suspected of being counterfeit. From the information gathered so far it seems that this suspicion involves the Durex three-pack, sold mostly at 24-hour convenience stores.  
In some of the condoms, the batch number is identical on the carton box as well as on the condom itself, however there are discrepancies in the expiry date, there are spelling mistakes in the consumer leaflet and transposed lettering, for example in the word: WORLD.  
Should it indeed transpire that the condoms are counterfeit, they may not provide the protection they are expected to deliver, against sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, or they may fail to prevent pregnancy.