The Knesset`s auditorium was built 23 years ago and over the years, significant renovations were needed. In the renovated auditorium there are about 300 seats, and all of them were replaced. The auditorium lobby was retiled, while ”green” lighting was installed and the sprinklers were redone.

Similarly, the stage of the auditorium was refurbished. Furthermore, all of the multi-media systems and AV systems were switched out with new versions in order that the Knesset auditorium can comfortably host conferences, seminars and performances.

Speaker of the Knesset Yuli-Yoel Edelstein welcomed the completion of the task saying ”Even external configuration has a bearing on the nature and character of the Knesset`s image. The new auditorium will be a blessing for all of us and will allow the Knesset to host events that we were not able to host in the past due to a lack of a proper facility.”

Director-General of the Knesset Ronen Plot thanked the Knesset staff – led by the Technology and Operations Division – for the work on the auditorium. ”Today, we can be very proud of our auditorium that can provide a service for the public and members of Knesset on a level that we have never been able to provide,” he said.