Jerusalem, 7 November 1994


(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman’s Office)

1. Deployment of Security Forces

The security arrangements for the Tomb consist of a number of security measures, beginning with a security detachment within the Tomb, and including external security units on the outer perimeter of the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

2. Chain of Command

The security force comprises Border Police, IDF forces and the Israel Police all under one command.

3. Reopening of the Tomb

A. 7-8.11.94 Trial period; up to 300 worshippers of each faith.

B. 9-10.11.94 Tomb to be closed to enable implementation of changes as a result of lessons learned during trial period.

C. 11-12.11.94 Reopening; up to 300 worshippers of each faith.

D. 13-14.11.94 Tomb to be closed.

E. As of 15.11.94, the Tomb will be open on a regular basis to Jews and Muslims, with a maximum capacity of 300 worshippers (of each faith) at any given interval.

– The Isaac and Jawaliya Halls will serve members of the Muslim faith.

– The Jacob and Abraham Halls, the Hall of the Covenant and the covered inner courtyard will serve members of the Jewish faith.

F. Approximately 10 separate days of prayer will be determined for each faith.

G. No events or ceremonies will be permitted at or around the Tomb, by either faith, during the month of November.

4. Arrangements for Conducting Prayers

A. Hours: 05:00-21:00 daily.

B. Closed from 21:00-05:00.

5. Tomb Capacity

The daily number of persons to be allowed in the Tomb of the Patriarchs will be limited to 300 per faith. Once this number is reached, no others will be permitted to enter.

6. Medical Arrangements

Medical facilities are available in the vicinity.

7. Special Measures

A. A special 100-soldier security force will be deployed at the Tomb.

B. Magnetic gates have been set up at the entrance to the Tomb.

C. Video cameras have been installed in the halls of the Tomb, and a suitable monitoring layout has been established.

D. A loud-speaker system has been installed.

E. Iron gates have been replaced with bullet-proof ones.

8. Weapons

A. Entry into the Tomb with weapons will be prohibited.

B. Two safety containers will be made available for the storage of weapons.