Further to previous announcements about the discovery of polio in the sewerage of Rahat and Beer Sheva, residual poliovirus has also been discovered in the sewerage of Qiryat Gat and Ashdod. The assessment is that here, too, these are remnants originating from Rahat.
It is again emphasized that there is no morbidity (illness).
The process of completing the immunization of the overall population of Rahat, which is intended to deal with the focus of the phenomenon, is in its midst.
The Ministry of Health recommends adhering to the routine vaccines given in Tipat Halav Mother and Infant Care Centers to children up to the age of 6 throughout Israel.
The Ministry of Health again emphasizes the need to adhere to the rules of hygiene, especially to wash hands after visiting the toilet, before contact with food and after changing infants’ diapers.
There is no contamination of the water system, there is no need to boil water, and there is change in the Health Ministry’s approach to towns in the vicinity of Rahat.