Yesterday (Monday) Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu and presented his position that no private or Government legislation should take place during an election period albeit issues that are of peril and urgent concern for the State of Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted Rivlin’s position and announced that he will not request to convene the Knesset during the election period in order to proceed with the Government’s legislation of the Economic Concentration Law which was set for the upcoming weeks in the Finance Committee. Additional legislation regarding issues such as the treatment of infiltrators, tax collections and the Club Hotel are to be postponed for the 19th Knesset to handle.

Rivlin was quoted saying “During the transition time that comes with elections, the Knesset should not make long term decisions. Knesset Members and parties are in the midst of campaigning and could definitely be more prone to making errors in judgment or mistakes in following procedure during this period of time; therefore it is best that these legislative moves are done during the term of the next Knesset.