​Following an incident in which an infant choked on a nylon bag which was found in its cot, the Ministry of Health reiterates the ways in which a safe sleeping environment may be created for infants.

  • It is recommended that the infant be laid on a rigid mattress in a cot or cradle bearing the stamp of approval of the Standards Institute of Israel.
    Laying the infant on a pillow or blanket (soft bedspreads) is dangerous.
    Sleeping together with the parents is dangerous.
  • Make sure that only the infant is lying in the bed in which it is intended to be sleeping. 
    Soft objects like plush dolls, pillows, quilts, bed protectors, diapers and loose-lying blankets in the infant’s cot pose a choking hazard. The bed cover must therefore be tucked in on all edges of the mattress.
  • The infant’s head and face must be kept completely exposed whenever asleep.
    Blankets, caps, hooded sweaters and objects in the infant’s vicinity might cover the infant’s face and inhibit smooth respiration. 
    When covering an infant with a blanket, lay the infant close to the end of the bed with its feet touching the bottom of the bed. The blanket is not supposed to cover more than the infant’s waist, and it should be tucked in under the mattress.
  • Keep nylon bags away from infants and toddlers in general. Such bags can cover the infant’s mouth and nose even while awake, posing a severe danger of choking.
  • During the winter, it is recommended to avoid excessive heating. Dress the infant with one layer of clothing more than an adult might wear under the same weather conditions.