(Communicated by the GPO)
Rocket fire:
8 Jan 2009 – Three launches identified from the area of Tir Harfa. Two hits identified in Nahariya and Kibbutz Matzuba; two civilians lightly wounded. IDF fires five 155mm artillery shells in response.
14 Jan 2009 – Two launches identified from the area of Rashiya Al-Fokheir in the direction of Kiryat Shemona. No hits identified. IDF fires four 155mm artillery shells at the source of the firing, and four additional shells into open areas near El-Khiam.
21 Feb 2009 – Firing from the area of Al-Mansouri at Israeli territory. One shell falls in Mailia (near Maalot) and one fell in Lebanese territory near Alma E-Shaab. IDF fires eight shells in response.
11 Sep 2009 – Launch identified from Qulaylah. One hit identified near Gesher Haziv. In response, IDF fires 12 shells at the source of the firing.
27 Oct 2009 – Katyusha fired at Kfar Blum, near Kiryat Shemona. In response, IDF fires seven shells at the source of the firing.
Other events:
There were 11 hostile incidents in the area in 2009.
Lebanese Army personnel aimed weapons at Israeli targets five times in 2009.
Exceptional events:
5 Feb 2009 – Five rockets discovered in L’alma Elshaab.
14 Jul 2009 – A series of explosions ripped through a weapons cache in Khirbat Salim, a Shiite village located north-east of Tibnin and west of the Israeli city of Kiryat Shemona.
12 Oct 2009 – A large explosion took place in the house of a senior Hizbullah member which was being used as an arms cache in Tayr Filsay, a village about 15 km east of the coastal city of Tyre and south of the Litani River.
26 Dec 2009 – Routine UNIFIL patrol near El-Khiam discovers cache with 150-kg. of ready-to-use explosives.