(Communciated by Israeli security sources)

Ibrahim Mohamad Faid Issa, 47 year old Hamas terrorist, was killed in the course of IDF activity on the outskirts of Qalkilya. He regularly wore an explosive belt and was constantly armed with weapons and grenades in order to avoid arrest by Israeli security forces.

Ibrahim Mohamad Faid Issa was known to be an expert bomb maker who manufactured and distributed explosive devices. These explosive devices were used by various terrorist organizations in the area of Qalkilya, including a number of attacks in the vicinity of the security fence in the Qalkilya area. Recently, 19 explosive devices manufactured by Faid Issa were found in the possession of a member of Faid Issa’s terrorist cell.

Issa was responsible for dispatching the suicide bomber Yousef Taleb Yousef Agbari, who detonated an explosive belt at one of the agricultural gates of the security fence in Habla in September 2004, wounding three IDF soldiers, one seriously. The suicide attack was to have been carried out inside Israel, but due to early security warnings and the alertness of IDF soldiers, entry through the gate was prevented. In addition, Issa planned a number of attacks aimed at Israeli civilian targets within Israel.