(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

The terrorist Tammer Hassin Sa’id Gaer, 24, a resident of Ilar village near Tulkarm, was arrested last night, in a joint IDF and ISA operation. Tammaer Gaer is a senior wanted Islamic Jihad terrorist, who belonged to the Islamic Jihad infrastructure in Tulkarm. During the weeks since the deadly terror attack in the Netanya shopping mall, Gaer had found shelter in the PA’s Special Forces building, and was involved in military activity, enjoying the PLO’s protection and shelter.

The Islamic Jihad terror infrastructure to which Gaer belonged was responsible for a chain of suicide, car bomb and shooting attacks which were carried out by the organization in Israel and the area of Tulkarm in the past six months – among them the Stage Club terror attack last February  and the terror attack in the Netanya shopping mall earlier this month.

During IDF activity last night, Tammer was detected while staying with one of his assistants, Mohammed Fathi Mohammed Badda, a member of the Palestinian Security Forces, in Mohammed relative’s house in the village of Dannabah, in the area of Tulkarm. Four AK-47 assult rifles and two pistols were uncovered in searches that were conducted by IDF forces in the house in which the two were apprehended.