​Following several reports which have recently been sent to the pharmaceuticals department of the Ministry of Health, concerning suspicions of side-effects resulting from taking the drug Victoza (a drug for treatment of type II diabetes), the Ministry of Health, together with the National Diabetes Council, has been examining the link between taking the drug and the incidences of pancreatic inflammation and pancreatic carcinoma.
The risk management and drug monitoring department in the Ministry’s pharmacology department has begun an investigation of this issue. The investigation is being conducted in full cooperation with the company which is marketing the drug in Israel and with leading diabetes specialist physicians, as well as other regulatory authorities and the FDA.
It is worth mentioning that this drug has been tested by the American FDA, which did not make a recommendation to change the indications or warnings concerning use of the drug.
We would like to emphasize that there is a higher incidence of Pancreatic carcinoma among diabetics, regardless of any drug treatment, and therefore this issue must be investigated.
This is a drug which has been approved by the world’s leading regulatory authorities; it is being used by many patients worldwide, and no authority has so far recommended to discontinue the use of the drug.
The Ministry of Health, together with the National Diabetes Council, will continue to monitor the reports and will instruct the caregivers and the patients if necessary. 

For the time being there are no new guidelines for use of the drug.