​The finance and health ministries today signed the stabilization agreements for 2011-2013 with the Clalit and Leumit HMOs.
As a part of the agreements, some 650 million Shekels will be transferred already this year to the HMOs, and additional sums will be transferred next year, subject to the achievement of targets which are intended, among other things, to bring about a financial streamlining of the HMOs and their economic stabilization, while incentivizing the HMOs to participate in support examinations which are intended to promote the health of the member public, to improve the quality of service, the community solutions for emergency cases and improvement of the internal control infrastructure over the financial reporting and openness in the HMOs, all of which are intended to enable them to deliver proper health services to their members in accordance with the national health insurance law.
At the same time, discussions are still ongoing between the ministries of health and finance and the Maccabi and Meuhedet HMOs in an effort to complete the agreements with them as soon as possible.