State Comptroller Joseph Shapira on Wednesday submitted to Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein the portion of his annual report which deals, among other things, with centralization and the monopoly of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

Speaker Edelstein congratulated Shapira on his report, which ”discovers and exposes mistakes,” and said that ”this time, the report deals with centralization in the economy and the Israel Electric Corporation, which [made headlines] this week as many households have been without electricity for entire days.”

Edelstein argued that ”monopolies are undoubtedly grindstones on the neck of the entire market,” adding that ”18 years have passed since it was decided that competition was required in the electricity market. Those who needed a reminder as to just how much it is needed – got it this week. The current situation is a danger to society and the economy.”

Shapira said the issues addressed in the report ”pertain to every citizen`s pocket, particularly to the have-nots.” He thanked the chairperson of the State Control Committee, MK Karin Elharrar (Yesh Atid), for conducting ”real-time discussions, such as the one held this week on the electricity issue.”

Eli Marzel, director of the State Comptroller`s Office, said the IEC ”is a company that belongs to a state, not a company that owns a state,” adding ”the longer the current situation persists, the higher the state`s costs will be.” The report`s findings, he said, indicate ”a lack of governability in the face of the Israel Electric Corporation`s [conduct].”

MK Elharrar called the report ”harsh and very important,” and said the IEC ”cannot continue to operate in this manner.”