Speaker of the House Rivlin was quoted as saying today (Wednesday): “The next Knesset will be forced to make critical decisions which may cause new elections within 8-10 months”. Rivlin spoke at a meeting with seniors in High School at the 2012 Be’er Sheva Conference for the Safety of Children.

Rivlin said: “On the next Knesset’s agenda are difficult decisions that are part of an on growing national dispute which could shake the base of any presiding Knesset, without a strong coalition based on a leading governing party we may very well find ourselves at elections again within 8-10 months”. Rivlin noted the issue of equality in military service as one of the main issues which may disband the next Knesset within a short time and said: “The Ultra-Orthodox will not voluntarily agree to any new arrangement regarding equality of military service. The next Knesset will be judged on its ability to create a new arrangement which the Ultra-Orthodox will not agree with but will be able to live with”.