2 weeks after Germany’s Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel in Gaza, an additional dignitary, a British Lord is expected to lead a delegation of the Organization of World Parliaments to Gaza as well at the end of next month. The delegation, led by Lord Frank Judd will visit the area in an attempt to examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The delegation is supposed to enter Gaza via Egypt in an effort to avoid Israeli resistance to the visit. After its visit to Gaza the delegation is scheduled to visit Israel and afterwards Ramallah in order to visit the Palestinian Authority.

Speaker of the House Reuven Rivlin expressed severe criticism towards the visit and announced that the Knesset will not host the delegation and will not allow meetings with any of its members or diplomatic affiliates. Rivlin was quoted as saying: “The Gaza Strip is controlled by the Hamas Terrorist Organization, who was defined as such by the Quartet and the International Community” Rivlin further warned that “The Knesset will determine if to take further action against the Organization if they insist on visiting Gaza. This visit does not reflect well on the relationship between the Knesset and the Organization”.

According to the Organization the visit of the Palestinian Authority must include members of Parliament from both sides of the Palestinian entity, in Gaza as well as the West Bank and that no official visits are planned with members of Hamas , Knesset officials are skeptical of this since members of the delegation have close ties with Hamas officials.