​Further to the notification by the Teva company of the end of production of the Digoxin pills by Zori, the Ministry of Health has taken action to replace that medication with the Digoxina product, which is manufactured in Spain by Kern Pharma, and which is imported by Trima. As the stocks of the Teva product is depleted, and with the advent of the use of the Spanish product, the Ministry of Health reiterates that:

  1. The dosage in each pill in the Spanish drug is identical to that of the Israeli product, and stands at Digoxin 0.25 milligrams.
  2. Digoxin is a drug with a narrow treatment range. It therefore requires monitoring of the drug levels in the bloodstream, renal functions and electrolytes, in accordance with the physician’s instructions.
  3. The checks which the Ministry of Health conducted in a number of medical centers, in which the Ministry compared the Israeli drug to the Spanish drug in patients, found that there are no substantial differences in the bioavailability between the drugs.
  4. Clear instructions on the use and treatment during the transition to the Spanish product Digoxina, have been sent to doctors in the Medical Administration’s circular 24/2012.
  5. Patients may approach their physicians at the HMOs with any questions they may have.