The chairman of the State Control Committee, MK Amnon Cohen (Shas), has instructed State Comptroller Joseph Shapira to investigate the decisions made by the government and the cabinet during the period leading up to Operation Protective Shield in Gaza and during the military campaign itself, with an emphasis on the preparedness for the underground terror tunnel threat.

During a closed committee hearing on Wednesday with the participation of Defense Minister Moshe Ya`alon, MK Cohen said all members of the government and cabinet were aware of the terror tunnel threat well before the operation in Gaza was launched.

However, Cohen stressed that the IDF, as well as the rest of Israel’s security establishment, had dealt with the tunnels professionally and effectively once it was decided to take action against Hamas in Gaza.

State Comptroller Shapira said during the hearing, which was closed to the press, that he was preparing a special report on the operation and that the document would be published in a few months` time.

MK Cohen e further instructed the comptroller to look into allegations that cabinet members had leaked secret information to the press throughout the military offensive.

The committee is s expected to hold another hearing in a few days, with the participation of representatives from the Shin Bet security service as well as executives from Israeli military industries.