(Communicated by Israeli security sources)
Murad Utman Muhamed Fadel, born in 1985, resident of the Balata refugee camp, and Muhamed Abdulla Abid, born in 1986, resident of Askar refugee camp, were engaged in recent days in planning a suicide attack in Israel. The two terrorists are funded and directed by Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon. Prior information led IDF and ISA forces to Fadel, who was in charge of the suicide attack, and to Abid, who was to be the suicide bomber. The two were arrested earlier this morning.

During their investigation, Fadel and Abid admitted to planning the suicide attack, saying that they had actually tried to carry out the attack on Tuesday (May 11). They arrived at the Hawara checkpoint by taxi and then on foot, from where they were driven to Rantis. On their way, they encountered an IDF force and decided to hide the explosive belt and return to Nablus. They admitted that Abid was to have taken taxis from Rantis to the Tel Aviv area and to detonate himself in the first restaurant or supermarket he came across.

Following their arrest, the two led ISA forces and sappers to the explosive bag, containing 20 kgs of explosives, which was then detonated.