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The Jerusalem Post believes that the Jewishness of Russian-born Kirill Petrenko, due to take over in 2018 from Sir Simon Rattle as conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, has brought to the fore “supposedly extinct Judeophobic maliciousness,” in Germany, which “had likely lurked all along behind the veneered semblance of impeccable decorum.” The editor attests to an altered reality – “what was once taboo in Germany, no longer is,” and adds: “The Petrenko case exposed the nasty dark underside that belies the spic-and span German façade.”
Haaretz contends that “Overcrowded classrooms are a national Israeli problem.” The editor states: “The parents’ goal in so-called ‘sardine protest,’ reducing the number of children per class to 32, is justified,” and calls on the government to implement a nationwide solution.
Yediot Aharonot discusses the growing threat to Israel posed by ISIS, and calls on the IDF to “Take preventive steps, prevent what is expected to happen in months or years.” The author stresses that they be dealt with while they are still small, and clarifies: “The jihadist organization is neither a state nor an army; it’s an enchanting idea. That’s why it’s important to hit those spreading this foolish idea before it turns into an epidemic.”
Yisrael Hayom asserts: “The United States, the strongest power in world history, is lowering its flag and surrendering without a fight to a brutal and vicious Iranian regime,” and adds: “The decline of the West is turning into a fait accompli. Western civilization has chosen to eat, drink and reach dubious deals, no matter what the consequences.” The author opines: “It is a given that those who avoid the fight against terrorism will eventually surrender to it,” and asks: “When will the world realize that Islamic terrorism is not just Israel’s problem and that a nuclear Iran would not just endanger the Jews?”
[Eitan Haber and Haim Shine wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]