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The Jerusalem Post is infuriated by the brazen lies spewed out by senior Palestinian Authority officials regarding supposed Israeli atrocities against Palestinians and asserts: “This is one of the most galling aspects of the current spate of Arab homicidal assaults on Israeli civilians.” The editor declares that “Portraying the perpetrators of atrocities as martyred innocents is no less incendiary than the deceptive campaign alleging an Israeli conspiracy to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, raze the mosques there and erect a Jewish shrine in their stead,” and states: “Fabrications can cynically feature, in and of themselves, as lethal weapons of war.”
Haaretz calls on the prime minister and the other ministers to stop the incitement against Israel’s Arab citizens, and contends they “would do well to act to calm things down and adopt a different policy, which regards Arabs as equal citizens, not a fifth column undermining the state.”
Yediot Aharonot contends that Abbas is deceiving us all: “One time he supports peace. The other time he supports terror. He is the master of winking, what we call two-faced. In the morning he says one thing, and in the evening he says the opposite,” and asserts: “Abbas is the root of evil in the latest affair which has been flaring up here these days, and he is the one we can base all our accusations on.”
Israel Hayom discusses the current wave of Palestinian terror, and points out that as means have changed, we are obliged to respond accordingly. The author asserts: “We cannot give in. Israel must fight back on the Internet, in the media, on university campuses. The inciters need to be found and challenged. They need to be exposed. Their lies must be made public. The painful truth needs to be revealed. And the truth has nothing to do with occupation. The truth has nothing to do with desperation. The truth has nothing to do with the lack of a peace process, or perspective, or the social fabric,” and adds: “The time has come to change our approach. We will seek out the inciters in international bodies; we will invite the press, which we will treat as an honest client; we will incessantly speak of our bond to the holy places. And if the Europeans insist on making a distinction between jihadist terror and ‘legitimate’ Palestinian terror, we will wish them, on behalf of our values, that they never experience what we are experiencing.”
[Eitan Haber and Boaz Bismuth wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Israel Hayom, respectively.]