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The Jerusalem Post is horrified by the “the mass-decapitation of 21 Egyptian Copts,” in Libya by Islamic State terrorists. The editor points out that the Copts, who the terrorists termed ‘Crusaders,’ as well as Christians in general, “face xenophobic fanaticism” in various regions of the Middle East, and declares: “The one steadily growing Christian community in the Middle East is to be found in much-maligned little Israel. Only under Jewish sovereignty are Christians safe and free from serial terrorism. But the one beacon of genuine liberality in an unkind and callously intolerant region is hardly likely to win accolades from the self-styled enlightened world.”
Haaretz contradicts the Interior Ministry’s argument that “it is making every effort to quickly and efficiently examine the asylum requests it receives,” of those who fled Sudan and Eritrea, and asserts: “Israel is demonstrating deliberate incompetence.” The editor states that according to statistics submitted to the High Court of Justice, “most of the asylum requests submitted since 2009 were never answered at all, while the rate of refusals is significantly higher than the average in other countries,” and calls on the Court to yet again “stand as a bulwark against this corruption of democracy and morality by the Israeli government.”
Yediot Aharonot discusses the state comptroller’s report regarding the expenditure on the upkeep of the prime minister’s households, and states: “Anyone who has recently read the state comptroller’s appalling reports can see that the country’s problem is not one of left or right but lies in one particular man.” The editor asserts: “After six long years of poor government, the state comptroller’s report reduces Netanyahu from an asset to a liability for the governing party,” and concludes: “The Likud deserves better. It deserves more honesty, more sanity. It deserves a little more Jabotinsky and Begin.”
Yisrael Hayom comments on the “media’s display of hypocrisy” regarding the state comptroller’s report, and asserts: “For the Israeli media, frivolous expenditures are not important — it wants Netanyahu’s head.”   The author adds: “Our people have a long tradition of making the lives of our leaders difficult. But then we miss them later on,” and concludes: “Be free to think for yourselves. Say no to brainwashing.”
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[Yoel Esteron and Dror Eydar wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]