(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman) 

IDF ground forces have been operating in the villages of Teibeh, Al Adeisa and Killah, west of Metulla, since the early hours of July 30, 2006. For the past several days these areas have been used by Hizbullah as launching grounds for scores of rocket attacks against Israel. The objective of the operation is to damage the Hizbullah infrastructure in the area and uncover stores of weaponry.

An IDF soldier was moderately wounded and seven others were lightly wounded during the activity, after Hizbullah gunmen opened fire at forces in Al Adeisa. Exchanges of fire ensued and the forces identified killing three Hizbullah gunmen. Four more soldiers were wounded, three lightly and one moderately, by an anti-tank missile fired at their tank in Al Adeisa, as they attempted to evacuate the soldiers wounded in the first incident.

Forces uncovered large stocks of weaponry, including an RPG launcher and 10 missiles, a cannon with 18 shells, 14 anti-tank missiles and detailed operating instructions, a machine gun, 8 units of explosives and IDF uniforms.

The IDF carried out over 80 aerial attacks in the past 24 hours (midnight July 30 – midnight July 31), among them:

  • 32 Hizbullah posts and headquarters, and buildings from which rockets were launched into Israel including three in the village of Qana
  • Four entrances to tunnels used by Hizbullah
  • Four rocket launchers
  • Vehicles used to transfer weaponry
  • Armed gunmen
  • Several rocket launching sites in southern Lebanon and routes used by Hizbullah to reach these sites.