(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Summary of IDF activity in Lebanon overnight

The IDF carried out over 70 aerial attacks in Lebanon overnight, among the targets, two missile launchers and a number of Hizbullah targets in the Dahiya area of Beirut:

  • A Hizbullah operations base
  • An underground Hizbullah operations center
  • Hizbullah offices and command posts
  • A Hizbullah weapons storage facility
  • A Hizbullah assembly area
  • The offices of a Hizbullah newspaper used to spread propaganda and incitement for terror against Israel
  • A recruiting location for "Amal" operatives

 In addition, during the night the IDF demolished a Hizbullah post opposite the "Tziporen" IDF post. Forces uncovered weapons stores (including anti-tank missiles) in Yaroun, and in Rajamin soldiers identified armed gunmen, fired at them and identified hitting them.

In order to avoid unintentional harm to civilians during the operations, the IDF has called upon the Lebanese population in the areas close to the targets mentioned above to vacate their houses, via media announcements and leaflets dropped from the air.

IDF operation in Tyre against rocket launching infrastructure

During the night IDF special navy forces operated in the area of Tyre against the terror infrastructure responsible for the launching of long-range rockets into Israel. During the activity forces killed a number of Hizbullah terrorists responsible for launching long range rockets into Israel, including the launching of the rockets which hit Hadera yesterday.

During the operation an officer and a soldier were seriously wounded and six soldiers were lightly wounded. The soldiers were evacuated for treatment at a hospital.

Background information

During the operation commando forces entered an apartment on the second floor of a 5-story building in Tyre. The apartment was being used by 2-3 senior Hizbullah terrorists who operated a cell responsible for the launching of long-range missiles, including those fired yesterday into Hadera. The members of the cell were killed and several IDF soldiers were injured by gunfire and grenade shrapnel. As forces left the apartment, they came under fire from several Hizbullah gunmen and identified hitting between 6 and 7 of them.

IDF ground activity in southern Lebanon

Over the past 24 hours, IDF infantry, armored and engineering forces operated in southern Lebanon:

  • IDF forces took positions around the villages of Shama, Kouza and Yaroun.
  • In the village of Shama, four Hizbullah gunmen were killed in exchanges of fire with the forces.
  • In the village of Yaroun forces uncovered a weapons storage facility with mortar shells.
  • In the Bint Jbeil area, a number of Hizbullah gunmen were killed in exchanges of fire with forces. Forces uncovered Katyusha and Sager stores.
  • In the village of A-Taibeh, at least five Hizbullah gunmen were killed in exchanges of fire with IDF forces. Forces also destroyed Hizbullah weapons storage facilities and a rocket launcher in the village.
  • In the village of Markabeh, at least seven Hizbullah gunmen were killed in fighting with IDF forces. Forces also destroyed a Hizbullah vehicle.

Over 50 Hizbullah terrorists were killed in fighting with IDF forces over the weekend. Since July 12th over 400 Hizbullah terrorists have been killed by IDF forces.

IDF soldier killed in Lebanon as activity continues

An IDF reserve soldier was killed, another was seriously injured and 20 more were lightly injured yesterday in the village of Aita A-Sha’ab, by an anti-tank missile fired at the building in which they were located, and subsequent exchanges of fire with Hizbullah.

IDF forces continue to hold positions in southern Lebanon and are operating against Hizbullah in the area:

  • In the village of Hula, forces exchanged fire with a number of armed gunmen, as a result of which at least four gunmen were killed and a number were injured.
  • In Bint Jbeil, eight Hizbullah gunmen were killed in exchanges of fire with IDF forces.
  • In Shama and Ayta A-Shab, forces exchanged fire with Hizbullah cells, some of them carrying anti-tank missiles.
  • During the night forces arrested three Hizbullah terrorists and transferred them to Israel.

Overnight the IAF attacked over 80 Hizbullah targets in Lebanon, including Katyusha rocket launchers, bridges used by Hizbullah, structures used by Hizbullah, rocket launching areas and roads leading to them, and three Hizbullah tunnel entrances in the Bekaa valley.

One soldier killed, another lightly injured by mortar fire in southern Lebanon

An IDF soldier was killed and another was lightly injured during the night by mortar shells fired at forces operating in Nabi Al-Awadi, west of Metullah.

Mortar shells hit two engineering vehicles of IDF forces, which are operating to destroy Hizbullah’s infrastructure in the village. One soldier was injured and another was killed in the attack.