(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

IDF targets main Hizbullah headquarters

Today, July 15, 2006, the IDF carried out an aerial attack against targets in the Hizbullah main headquarters in Beirut.

The State of Israel warned the Lebanese population who are present at the compound or around it, using leaflets and different means of communication, to stay clear from the site for their own safety.

IDF aerial attack of radar stations along the Lebanese coast

Earlier today, July 15, 2006, the IAF attacked all of the radar stations along the Lebanese coast.

The reason for the destruction of the radar stations along the coast is the cooperation between the Hizbullah and the Lebanese military in the attack yesterday, July 14, 2006, on an Israel Navy missile ship. As a result of the attack, a soldier was killed and an additional three soldiers are missing.

It is important to stress that the IDF has no intention to target the Lebanese military.

Regarding civilian casualties in the area of Tyre, Lebanon

The Israel Air Force targeted an area near the city of Tyre, in southern Lebanon, used as launching grounds for missiles fired by Hezbollah terror organization at Israel. The IDF regrets civilian casualties while targeting the missile launching area.

Responsibility for endangering civilian population rests on the Hizbullah terror organization which operates and launches missiles at Israel from populated civilian areas. In the last 72 hours the Hizbullah terror organization has launched hundreds of rockets indiscriminately at Israeli cities putting over a million Israeli citizens within the range of missile fire.

The IDF makes every effort to keep civilians out of harm’s way as we continue to defend the citizens of the State of Israel.

IDF Targets Katyusha launcher in Lebanon

Earlier this evening, July 15, 2006, the IDF carried out an aerial attack against a vehicle carrying a Katyusha launcher near the village of Rajar which is under Lebanese sovereignty.

Summary of the IDF operation in past 24 hours

As part of the IDF operation to defend the citizens of Israel against the aggression acts of terror from Lebanon, the IDF attacked 44 targets in Lebanon. In the past 24 hours (from 9:00 July 14 to 9:00 July 15) among the sites targeted are:

  • Hizbullah’s main headquarters in the city of Beirut.
  • The broadcasting compound of Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV station.
  • Several bridges in Lebanon, including a bridge connecting Beirut and Damascus highway.
  • Runways and fuel tanks in Beirut’s airport. Beirut’s airport is used as a hub for the transfer of weapons and supplies to Hizbullah.
  • Rocket launching sites from which Hizbullah launched rockets at Israel.

The Hizbullah terror organization launched nearly 350 missiles into Israel in the past three days. Yesterday, July 14, more than 100 missiles were fired at Israel, killing two civilians (a grandmother and four-year-old grandson) and wounding more than 100.

 Additional sites targeted July 15, 2006:

  • Structures used to store weaponry including Katyusha rockets.
  • Katyusha launching grounds
  • Approximately 20 Hizbullah centers in Ba’al Beck and Beirut
  • Several bridges and Hizbullah infrastructure across Lebanon.