(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Summary of IDF aerial attacks in the past 24 hours

The Hizbullah terrorist organization launched more than 400 missiles into Israel over the past three days, including more than 90 yesterday, July 15, 2006.

As part of the ongoing operation to protect the citizens of Israel from terror attacks originating in Lebanon, the IAF targeted more than 130 targets in Lebanon in past 24 hours, including more than 50 overnight.

Among the sites targeted overnight:

  • 10 radar stations of the Lebanese military along the Lebanese coast. This was following the cooperation between Hizbullah and the Lebanese military in the attack of an Israel Navy missile ship on July 14.
  • Hizbullah’s main headquarters in Beirut.
  • Hizbullah’s broadcasting compound, which has for many years served as the main tool for propaganda and incitement by Hizbullah.
  • Several access routes in Lebanon.
  • Structures used to store weapons, including Katyusha rockets.
  • Katyusha launching grounds

The IDF carried out an additional aerial attack against Hizbullah’s broadcasting compound in Beirut early this morning (July 16, 2006), in accordance with the decision of the political echelon to operate to protect the citizens of Israel against attacks emanating from Lebanese territory. This was the third time the IDF attacked the compound.

Summary of IDF aerial activity in Lebanon during the day

Since this morning, July 16, 2006, the IDF has attacked approximately 80 terror targets in Lebanon.

Targets include Hizbullah command centers in the Dahiya neighborhood of Beirut, Hizbullah buildings and bases, Hizbullah infrastructure and Hizbullah communications facilities. This comes in addition to the ongoing activity against the organization’s weapons infrastructure, which includes attacks on missile launchers, launching positions and weapons facilities.

Seven villages in southern Lebanon warned to evacuate area

The IDF is continuing to operate against missile launching sites and Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon, as part of the ongoing operation to remove the terror threat in south Lebanon.

For several days Hizbullah terrorists have been firing missiles at Israel from population centers in southern Lebanon, using civilians as "human shields". The IDF is thus forced to operate in those villages, located in the combat zones in southern Lebanon and used by Hizbullah, in order to protect the citizens of Israel. In order to prevent harm to the civilian population, the IDF requested the population of the southern Lebanese villages of Bint Jabel, A-Tiri, Yaroun, Kounin, Maroun, A-Ras, Yater and Bazuriya to leave those areas, for their own safety.

As long as missiles are fired from within villages, the IDF will not
hesitate to respond to those terror threats, and will continue its
operations until security is restored to the citizens of Israel.

Summary of IDF operations in Lebanon – 16 July 2006

The IDF continued to carry out dozens of aerial attacks throughout Lebanon, starting in the early hours of the morning. In total over 100 attacks were launched during the day.

Targets included:

  • A number of missile launch sites that were aimed at Israel.
  • The headquarters of the Hezbollah terrorist organization in the Beirut neighborhood of Dahiya.
  • Hizbullah bases and buildings.
  • Headquarters of the organization in Tyre.
  • Other infrastructure and communication targets, including the "Al Manar" station.

This in addition to the ongoing operations against the fighting capacity of the organization, as well as Katyusha missile launching and storage sites.

At this hour, the IDF continues to attack terror targets in Lebanon.

Dozens of more Katyusha missiles were launched into Israel today, including a strike against Haifa that killed 8 civilians.