Over 700 Katyusha rockets were fired by Hizbullah at Israel since July 13, 2006, killing 12 Israeli civilians and wounding over 300.

Since the beginning of Operation Change of Direction, IDF aircraft have flown over 1,600 sorties, the IAF’s unmanned aerial vehicles have logged approximately 250 hours of flight time in the skies over Lebanon and over 130 missile launch sites in Lebanon have been attacked.

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Summary of IDF attacks in Lebanon during the night (July 18) and the thwarting of two infiltration into Israel

During the night IDF forces thwarted two infiltration attempts by Hizbullah armed terrorists, who were attempting to cross the border between Lebanon and Israel in order to carry out an attack inside Israel. The two terrorist cells were identified inside Lebanese territory moving towards the fence, near an Israeli community located in the middle of the Israeli-Lebanese border. IDF forces targeted the two cells and identified hitting them.

During the night the IDF continued to carry out attacks on targets in Lebanon. Around 50 aerial attacks took place during the night.

Among the targets attacked from the air:

  • Structures and bunkers belonging to Hizbullah headquarters in the Dahia neighborhood in Beirut
  • Weapons depot in Ba’al Beck and Bint Jebal
  • Trucks used to transfer weaponry and launch rockets, in Ba’al Beck and Um-a-Tahta
  • Bridges and access routes in southern Lebanon
  • Rocket launching areas from which Hizbullah launched rockets at Israel.

A Lebanese army radar installation in A-Nazriya, in southern Lebanon, was targeted, this in light of the use of such installations by the terrorist organization Hizbullah against IDF forces – for example the incident last Friday, in which four soldiers on a naval vessel were killed – and in order to prevent incidents like these from reoccurring in the future.

In addition, the IDF continues to fire artillery at the rocket launching sites along the Israeli-Lebanese border.

IDF operating in village of Rajar
Over the last few nights IDF engineering and infantry forces have carried out a pinpoint operation in the area of the village of Rajar, in the eastern sector of the Lebanese border.

During the operation, which included exchanges of fire with terrorists, IDF forces destroyed Hizbullah positions north of the village, the northern part of which is under Lebanese sovereignty. The Hizbullah positions there posed a continuing threat to IDF forces in the southern part of the village, which is under Israeli sovereignty. IDF forces also erected barriers to prevent infiltration into Israeli territory from Lebanon.

The aim of this operation is to reestablish the security of Rajar and to correct the existing breach in the border, which endangered the lives of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.

Summary of IDF aerial attacks
The Hizbullah terror organization launched more than 130 missiles into Israel today, killing a civilian and wounding close to 30.

The IDF carried out aerial attacks against more than 100 targets in Lebanon since the morning of July 18, 2006.

Among the targets attacked:

  • Trucks carrying weaponry, including four trucks in the Beka valley area carrying weaponry from Syria to Lebanon.
  • 12 access routes connecting between Syria and Lebanon.
  • 75 sites used by Hezbollah to launch missiles at Israel.
  • Terror cells attempting to launch missiles at Israel
  • Tunnels used by terrorists
  • Structures used by Hizbullah terrorists
  • 10 Hizbullah weapons warehouses.
  • Four bridges, targeted in order to prevent the movement of terrorists.
  • 6 missile launchers

Since the Hizbullah attack on Israel on July 13th, over 180 missile launching sites have been targeted.