(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Summary of IDF aerial activity in Lebanon

Targets include a launcher used to fire missiles at Haifa In the past 24 hours the IDF attacked over 150 targets across Lebanon. Among them:

  • Structures used by Hizbullah for storing weaponry, including a bunker located near a launching ground.
  • 11 rocket launchers, including the one Hizbullah used yesterday to launch rockets at Haifa, including a four-tube launcher.
  • Dozens of Hizbullah structures and command posts.
  • A rocket launching cell, as it was preparing to launch missiles into Israel.
  • Twelve roads connecting between Lebanon and Syria.
  • Communication lines used by Hizbullah.
  • A number of vehicles which are part of the Hizbullah missile launching infrastructure, including a camouflaged vehicle at one of the launching sites.
  • Sites used to launch rockets at Israel, and roads and bridges that lead to them.
  • In addition the IDF is firing artillery at missile launching sites along the Israeli- Lebanese border.

IDF warns south Lebanese residents to vacate their homes and move northward

Due to the continuation of terror activity against Israel emanating from south Lebanon, which includes launching of rockets into Israeli territory, the IDF has called upon the Lebanese population in the areas south of the Litani River using local sources, Arabic media and leaflets dropped from the air, to vacate their homes and move north of the Litani River.

The objective of this warning is to try and avoid casualties among the civilian population of south Lebanon, an area used by Hizbullah terrorists who exploit the local population as human shields. The IDF’s operations are directed solely at the terrorists, and not against the civilian population.