Announcement regarding Suspected Presence of Listeria in ”Miki Delicatessen” Smoked Salmon ​

Following tests performed by the Ministry of Health, the presence of listeria monocytogenes bacteria is suspected in the following products:
  • Chilled “Smoked Norwegian Salmon” in a vacuum pack, with use-by dates of 09-Jul-13 and 10-Jul-13.
  • Frozen “Smoked Norwegian Salmon” in a vacuum pack, with use-by date of 04-Feb-14.
Out of responsibility and obligation to their customers, the Miki Delicatessen Company is acting on an immediate basis to recall and remove the above products from the shelves. Consumers who possess smoked salmon with the above-mentioned dates are asked not to use the product, and to contact Customer Service at telephone 1-700-50-55-40, or the company offices at telephone 03-9616283 or by e-mail to ‏SERVICES@MIKIDELI.CO.IL‏, for the purpose of returning the product and receiving another in its place. 
The Miki Delicatessen Company makes every effort to avoid mishaps of this type, and apologizes to its customers.