​The Plants and Animals Supervision Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food Service in the Ministry of Health have suspended the manufacture and marketing of “Olive Oil for Baking, Frying and cooking, Gaya”, manufactured by: EVO Israel Ltd., Kidmat Galille Industrial Park, from the following production dates (expiry dates in parentheses): 6/9/12 (6/9/13), 9/9/12 (9/9/13), 11/9/12 (11/9/13), 12/9/12 (12/9/13), which are produced from olive oil which was originally intended for illumination.
The manufacturer does not own a license to refine oil; its license is limited to oil filtration only.
The compliance of the product with the Israeli standard, as well as its manufacturing process is currently under evaluation.
Should infringements of the standards or the law be found, the Ministry of Health will initiate legal proceedings, and will take the necessary actions to remove the products from the shelves.