(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

In a joint ISA and IDF operation earlier this morning in Nablus, Amar Guad Shacher Dmara, a wanted Tanzim-Fatah operative was arrested.

Dmara, 26, resident of Nablus, was continuously involved in the organization of bombing attacks in Israel. The attacks were directed by the Hizbullah terrorist organization. Dmara also served as the substitute for Muhamad Amin Muhamad Ramaha, a Tanzim-Fatah operative who had also operated under the direction of the Hizbullah terrorist organization and was killed on December 14, 2007 during an attempt to arrest him.

Recently, Dmara was involved in attempts to carry out a bombing attack against Israeli civilians and led several attempts to smuggle explosive devices and explosive belts out of Nablus. He was also involved in  shooting attacks and the planting of explosive devices against IDF forces operating in the area of Nablus.

The Tanzim-Fatah infrastructure in Nablus, of which Damara was a part, receives orders and direction from operatives in the Gaza Strip and from the Hizbullah terror organization. This infrastructure is one of the greatest security threats in Judea and Samaria, as its operatives  continuously try to carry out bombing attacks against Israeli civilians.