The Ministry of Health announced today that it has decided to approve the decision of the Board of Directors of Meuhedet Health Services in respect of the termination of the employment of Prof. Elhayani ​

This was a complex decision, which was made after a long process that included many consultations with professional and legal and with senior Ministry officials. The consideration that guided the Ministry was the best interests of the 1,100,000 members of the HMO.
The Minister of Health, Yael German, and the Director General, Prof. Roni Gamzu, met with Prof. Elhayani in order to present him with the Ministry’s decision regarding the termination of his employment.
The Ministry found that in the interests of Meuhedet members, there is no way to avoid making a number of changes, including: 
Replacing the current Director General and rapidly moving the HMO to regular and routine activity, in order to stabilize it under the management of a new Director General, to restore the members’ confidence in the HMO; appointing an accompanying Controller and the resolution of the corporate structure of the HMO.
Following this decision, the Board of Directors of Meuhedet will urgently convene this evening in order to decide regarding the choice of an acting Director General of the HMO.
In parallel to this, the Ministry has announced, as mentioned above, the appointment of an accompanying Controller, whose identity and authority will be defined in the next few days.
One of the central issues on the Ministry’s agenda is the resolution of the corporate structure of all the HMOs. The Ministry therefor intends to speed up the process of the approval of  Meduhedet’s articles of association, which are in an advanced stage of being formulated, in the framework of which administrative institutions will be appointed in accordance with the tenets of modern corporate governance, including public representatives to be appointed by an independent public committee.
The Chairman of the Council of Meuhedet Health Services has informed the Ministry that in view of the above, he intends to convene the Council within two weeks in order to set a date for elections for the assembly.