Attributed to security sources

A wanted Islamic Jihad terrorist was arrested today during an operation by Israeli security forces in Jenin. Adham Mahmad Abed-El Aziz Yunis, 22 years old, originally from the village of Illar near Tulkarm, was involved in several large terror attacks against Israeli citizens.

Adham Yunis was involved in the deadly suicide bombing at the Sharon Mall in Netanya on December 5, 2005, where six Israeli civilians were killed and dozens were wounded. He personally transported the suicide bomber to the place of attack in Netanya.

In addition, Yunis was involved in the dispatch of an Islamic Jihad terrorist in February 2007 to the Israeli city of Bat-Yam  for an attempted suicide attack. During this period, Yunis lived in Burkin, near Jenin, with other wanted Palestinian operatives who were involved in the planning of terror attacks, including Elias Eshkar and Nidal Abu Saada.

During his years of intensive terrorist activity, Adham Yunis was also involved in numerous shooting and bombing attacks against IDF forces.