Terrorists Recently Released by the
Palestinian Authority

October 2000

Name Terrorist activity
Abdallah Abu Sakran Hamas terrorist from Gaza; trained to carry out suicide attacks
Ayman Taha Hamas terrorist
Baha El-Khatib Hamas terrorist
Samer Sweilem Hamas terrorist from Rafah
Diban Abu Gamous Hamas terrorist from Rafah
Hasan Hamaida Hamas terrorist from Rahah
Mohammed Minirouwi Hamas terrorist from Rafah
Hamad Hamad Hamas terrorist from Khan Yunis; provided the "Taybeh Squad" with materials for the preparation of explosives (March 2000)
Ayman Abu Hin Prominent Hamas terrorist from Gaza; recruited terrorists for suicide attacks
Salah Tilahme Hamas terrorist form the Hebron area; representative of Hamas headquarters involved in planning terrorist attacks
Wael Naser Hamas terrorist; participated in shooting attacks against IDF forces in the Gaza Strip
Sharif Tahayna Islamic Jihad terrorist from the Jenin area; involved in the planning of mass-killing attacks
Abas Ouweiwi Hamas terrorist from Hebron
Naser Sama’ane Hamas terrorist from Jibalya; helped two Hamas terrorists to infiltrate into Israel in order to carry out a suicide attack inside Israel
Muhammed Mousa Hasan Gadalah Hamas terrorist form Gaza; funded and operated a terrorist cell in Ramallah which planned to carry out terrorist attacks and to kidnap soldiers
Rafat Ramdan Salem Abid Hamas terrorist from the "Taybeh Squad"
Ibrahim a-Karim Bani-Uda Participated in terrorist bombings in public park in Afula and in Netanya (Feb-Mar 1998), in which two Israeli civilians were injured
Hashem Ashur a-Malek Dib Islamic Jihad terrorist from Gaza in charge of the suicide bombing at the Tel-Aviv Dizengoff Center in March 1996, in which 13 were killed and 125 injured
Mohammed Zakar Rageb Zatma Islamic Jihad terrorist from Rafah involved in planning suicide attacks, including the suicide bombing at the Beit Lid junction, in which 22 Israeli soldiers were killed and 59 wounded
Adnan Mahmus Jabber Awul Prepared explosive charges for the suicide attacks carred out by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Feb-March 1996: two attacks against the No. 18 bus in Jerusalem, the attack at the Ashkelon junction, and the attack at the Dizengoff Center in Tel-Aviv