Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein has reached an agreement with all House Parties, according to which, the Budget Law and the Arrangement Law will be placed on the Knesset table on Tuesday (11/6) and will be up for its first reading on Monday (17/6).

In addition, Edelstein directed the Legal Department of the Knesset headed by Legal Advisor Eyal Yinon to supply the Knesset members with a clear and comprehensive summary of all clauses of the Arrangements Law and to be at their service throughout the time between the presentation of the law and the vote of the first reading.

Legal advisor of the Knesset, Attorney Eyal Yinon, presented the Knesset members with the agreements between the Knesset and the Government about the extent of the Arrangements Law. The document has a list of the issues included in the Arrangements Law bill, the issues that will not be included, and issues that will be divided to a regular legislation process once the Arrangements Law bill is approved at its first reading.

The speaker of the Knesset said in regard to the agreements: ”Knesset Members are not marionettes. They should be supplied with a reasonable amount of time to discuss every law in the different committees. My goal was to protect the dignity of the Knesset, the legislative work of the Knesset and the Knesset members, and so I did.”

”What happened here was a negotiation of new politics, without criticism or harsh words (by the media amongst others). My goal was to eat the grapes without beating up the guard and so that is how things eventually turned out.”

”The citizens of Israel must find out in the end of the day, that the house of legislature, as its name implies, legislates. And is not a group of people who were elected and just vote for a law with no deep understanding of it, and without examining every letter.”

About the Nahari Law and the Earning Ability Law which remained in the Arrangements Law: ”I claim that those are topics of ideological argument and therefore should not be a part of the Arrangements Law. Nevertheless, the Minister of Finance thought differently and did not hide the fact it was important to him.”